Acting Reel

Clips from “California Dreaming”, “Doritos”, “No Soliciting”, “Clown Town”, “Dealer”, “A Man Wakes Up”, “Gazillionaire”

Sleazy Hollywood Agent

Jimmy plays Shevy Hendrickson, the hopped-up, sleazy agent of Neil Patrick Harris, in the web series “Gazillionaire”.

A Day In The Life Of Rubix

Jimmy Slonina stars as Rubix Von Füchenhürtz, the comic host/emcee of P!NK’s The Truth About Love World Tour. “A Day In The Life Of Rubix” is a concert DVD Special Feature.

Homeless Magician Scene

Jimmy plays Larry the Homeless Magician in the web series “Gazillionaire”.

California Dreaming – Sneak Peek!

A sneak peek of Jimmy’s silly stunt work on the upcoming short film, California Dreaming.


I Put A Spell On You

Nothing puts one in a good mood like Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.

I’m A Nut

Love me some Leroy Pullins! Thanks to Josh Zehner for the suggestion!

End of the Road

Who doesn’t need a little Boyz II Men back in their lives?! Blame Josh Zehner for this suggestion.

Nights on Broadway

The Bee Gees for your listening pleasure, and me for your viewing bemusement. Thanks to Matt Engle for the suggestion.

Gold Digger

More or less constructive use of free time before work sets in. Special thanks to Kanye West and Jamie Foxx and Claudio Carneiro.

Under Pressure

At it again. This time with the Bowie/Mercury masterpiece.

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Part of the KOOZÅ Cabaret in Saint Paul, MN on July 26, 2009. Special thanks to Bonnie Tyler and all involved in the cabaret.


Rubix in P!NK’s The Truth About Love Tour

Jimmy Slonina stars as Rubix Von Füchenhürtz in P!NK’s world tour, The Truth About Love, playing in North America, Europe and Australia in 2013.

Jimmy & Jenna – A Solo Duet

Named Funniest Act of 2015 by Las Vegas Review-Journal. Jimmy Slonina and his partner Jenna dazzle the senses with their artistry, flexibility, and plastic audacity. Recorded at Melody Sweets’ Big Top Circus & Burlesque.