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You can’t please everyone. Well, it seems I can’t please Heidi or Simon.

I can’t say my experience on America’s Got Talent went as expected. Perhaps it was the ill-advised set up as a “serious acrobatic” number, or the blowup doll’s inelegant entrance from above, or the doll’s untimely (and unfortunate) demise on the crotch kick.

But I’m grateful for the kind words from Howie and Mel B. And I think Jenna/Judy and I will continue to provide the awkward hilarity we’ve been doing from coast to coast for years.

Here are the NSFW highlights…

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  1. You are hilarious!! I was laughing hysterically during your AGT performamce with your partner. It’s a shame. I’m glad to have looked up your website and info on how to access more of your work.
    I look forward to more from you!

  2. My wife and I also saw this and thought it was awesome. Full disclosure: I recognized you instantly from your lip sync videos, so I was already on your side! But still, you were very funny and Heidi’s reaction was disappointing.

  3. I knew you as soon as I saw you!!!
    You, Pink and the crew spent a long time here in Oz (couldn’t believe they didn’t recognise you)!!!!
    I love your humour so never give up making people laugh. Anyhow….I think you’re better than that show, you don’t need it.
    While watching I was thinking of all the tour cast and crew rolling with laughter, in stitches and loving every bit of it.
    Gotta love ‘slightly bent’ humour…..thankyou for all the fun xxxxxx

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