Upright Citizens Brigade

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Jimmy jaunts to Los Angeles to play with one of his favorite companies, Upright Citizens Brigade, in the show Gravid Water. Each two-person scene in the show is comprised of one actor, who memorizes a scene from a play that they’re assigned, and one improviser who has no idea what the scene is. It’s a great exercise in concentration and …

Sunday in the Park with Cheetah

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Please take a quick moment to vote 5 Stars for us! LionHeart Theatrics, SkinCity Body Painting, Miron Rafajlovic, and I have collaborated on a TV commercial contest challenge for Cheetah Power Surge Energy Drink. Corine Latreille and Sergey Nazarov, an engaged couple who perform a breathtaking hand-to-hand act in Kooza, approached me several months back about entering this contest they …

Cheetah Energy Drink

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Calgary, AB – As KOOZÅ’s time in Canada draws to a close, Jimmy dusts off the old video camera and editing equipment and collaborates with a couple of fellow performers to enter the Cheetah Power Surge TV Commercial Challenge. He directs and edits “Sunday in the Park with Cheetah”, featuring two amazingly talented hand balancers, Corine Latreille and Sergey Nazarov, as well as his wife Robin and son Leo! Voting is …

Website Redesign

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Portland, OR – Jimmy keeps sharpening his design skills by giving JimmySlonina.com a facelift, as well as starting a new comic-style, quasi-autobiographical blog called The Amazing Adventures and Torturous Tediums of a Modern Clown. KOOZÅ wraps up its run in Stumptown, as the Slonina family preps for their move to the next city, Seattle, WA. On their week off between cities, the family will take …

Vlogish Project

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San Diego, CA – Jimmy is now a regular contributor to the new web log collective called the VlogishProject created byVoki Kalfayan. Jimmy plays outerspace everyman, Carlok, documenting his and his family’s alien (mis)adventures. Back on this planet, Jimmy settles in La Jolla, CA and gets his KOOZÅ on, this time at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Jimmy is also planning some much anticipated video projects on the very …

In the California Sun

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Santa Monica, CA - It barely seems like winter is near in sunny Southern California. A successful run on the Santa Monica Pier continues with packed, and often star-laden houses. On November 2, Jimmy and the KOOZÅ cast performed on "The Jay Leno Show". Exciting preparations are also underway for the new addition to the Slonina family, with just over a month to go.