Honey! I’m Home! – The Circus Jerks

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The Circus Jerks launches its monthly invasion on the virtual airwaves. Honey! I'm Home! features the incomparable and skinny Spencer Novich. Of course, production magic performed by Light Forge Studios. Look for a new short every month by subscribing to the YouTube channel.

The Circus Jerks at Dances With Films

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The Circus Jerks had its world premiere at the prestigious DANCES WITH FILMS on June 9, 2018 at TCL Chinese Theatres in Hollywood. Featuring Honey! I'm Home, The Getaway and Bundle of Joy, it was a really great turnout and the reception of film was wildly positive!

Introducing The Circus Jerks

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Jimmy launches an ongoing series of short films celebrating the joys of tension and antipathy. The Circus Jerks features a parade of Las Vegas' finest and funniest performers placed in absurd, mean-spirited, and comical situations. The first three films have been compiled as one and are in consideration with about a dozen film festivals. It has already been honored as ...

Jimmy on America’s Got Talent

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You can’t please everyone. Well, it seems I can’t please Heidi or Simon. I can’t say my experience on America’s Got Talent went as expected. Perhaps it was the ill-advised set up as a “serious acrobatic” number, or the blowup doll’s inelegant entrance from above, or the doll’s untimely (and unfortunate) demise on the crotch kick. But I’m grateful for ...

A Voice Actor Prepares

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There’s been so much going on in the past few months, since I last posted here. It’s been almost too daunting to get it all down. I’m going to try to set some Mid Year Resolutions. First, blog more. Second, blog better. In March, I shot a super-fun Doritos/Avengers commercial here in Vegas, playing a fake contestant in a quasi-reality …

Happy 2015!

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Alright, it’s already February, so a little late to mention the New Year, but I’m gonna do it anyway! 🙂 New beginnings are always a great thing, but Jimmy couldn’t be happier to see 2015 ring in. The past year was a roller coaster of super high-highs and big gut-punching lows, and so Jimmy’s asking the Universe for some peacefulness, healthfulness, love …

Clowning Around

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As the Las Vegas summer heat rages on, Jimmy gets the sad news that Vegas Nocturne must close at the Cosmopolitan’s Rose. Rabbit. Lie. Not to be outdone by the end of his on-going gig, Jimmy immediately books a role on a short film as a evil, soul-sucking, Euro-style clown in Clown Town, a hilarious comedy-horror flick by Skipp & Kasch …