Jimmy on The PiffPod

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My conversation with Piff the Magic Dragon and friends about the apocalypse, lesbians, existential zombies, AGT, Dinner Theatre Bitch, and... well not much more. Listen Here!

Jimmy on America’s Got Talent

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You can’t please everyone. Well, it seems I can’t please Heidi or Simon. I can’t say my experience on America’s Got Talent went as expected. Perhaps it was the ill-advised set up as a “serious acrobatic” number, or the blowup doll’s inelegant entrance from above, or the doll’s untimely (and unfortunate) demise on the crotch kick. But I’m grateful for ...

Las Vegas FAME Award – Career Achievement Live Stage Actor

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Embed from Getty Images On March 23, 2017, I was honored with the inaugural Las Vegas FAME Award (Film, Arts, Music and Entertainment) for Career Achievement Live Stage Actor, presented by the Producer’s Choice Honors at Hard Rock Live. It was completely humbling being in the presence of such talented and legendary fellow award-winners, including Olivia Newton-John, Marty Allen, Anita Mann, ...

Circus Couture “Lucky”

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Plenty of action has happened since my last post -- i.e. Hollywood Fringe Fest, Spiegelworld workshop in New York, film projects with Light Forge Studios, the list goes on -- but few things struck as special of a chord as this year's Circus Couture event, Lucky. Now in its seventh year, Circus Couture is a Las Vegas charity raising money for pediatric ...